Fit India Movement
The Challenges of the modern day life has brought along with it the need to make each one physically proactive and fit in order to meet the challenges with energy and positivity. Fit pupils are able to face physical and emotional challenges efficiently. Activities on fitness, physically and mentally, enable students to turn active and enhance their self esteem, confidence and also become sportive.
In connection with Fit India School Week, our school conducted activities on fitness for students like Mass Drill in the Morning Assembly, Yoga, Martial Arts Gardening . Aerobics, Dance – Classical & Western Dance, Skipping, Physical Exercise, Essay Writing Competition on theme ‘Fit India School’, lecture by sports faculty, Mr. Sreehari and others .
The above activities will instill in students the need to become physically active in order to lead a healthy life and strive for better results.

P K Srikala
Principal I/C